When: February 7, 21, 28 2024., 18.00-19.30
Where: KözMű – Közös Műhely 1093 Budapest, Vendel utca 3.
WS lead: Holánszki Réka (furniture maker), Gábor Misi (furniture maker)
Price: 12 000 HUF, (6000 HUF/45 mins)

Valid subscription after payment of full participation fee.
Maximum number of participants per course: 6.
Course starts from 2 people.

What will we learn?

Use electric saws.
Use screwdrivers/drills.
Use sanders.

How we will learn?

You can bring your own tools ( yes, the one that sits in the garage and has never been turned on, familiar? This is the moment!), we will teach you how to use them safely, and you can also try them under supervision and  practice. 

No tools yet, just curious? We have basic power tools you can try.

Thinking about buying? You can use our tools to learn the basics, we teach you how to choose project and utility based, and how much to expect to pay for.

In this workshop you’ll receive the basic safety training, hands on training for the basic power tools, and we provide material to practise on. We will provide the space, the tools if needed , material to practise on, professional assistance, and safety equipment.

Question? We're flexible